India’s Top 5 Solar Power Producers Based on Installed Capacity

“Your neighbor is going solar”. Perhaps, in these times when most of the places where solar
power consumption in bulk has already started and it, being one of the cheapest and best
readily- available resource gives them all the more reason to think it through and eventually
consider its purchase.
Did you know that the first solar panel ever invented was in 1883? Yes, it was actually in the
year 1883 which is multiple generations back and was invented by Charles Fritts in the city of
New York. However, on the other hand, it was first sold in 1954 by Bell Labs which had
approximately about 6% efficiency.
As the prices of solar energy equipment have continued to fall and will fall further in the
upcoming years, it is a smart decision to make for the inexhaustible and economical energy


Vikram Solar

One of the most famous yet undoubtedly trendy solar power producers in our country is Vikram
Solar which has a rated annual PV module manufacturing capacity with approximately 1
gigawatt (GW) of the installed base. The firm is currently having its headquarters in Kolkata. The
firm has maintained its leading solar power producer position amongst the top leading firms in
this sector for a couple of years now. Vikram Solar manufacturers two types of modules namely,
mono and bifacial which are available by the names called Somera, Eldora, and Soliva. Being
one of the fastest-growing Solar Power Developers, it has a cumulative capacity of installing
more than 1355+ MWp Solar Photovoltaic Power Projects across the country and in all its
regions. In fact, it has significant international presence.

Waaree Solar

Waaree Solar has maintained its position amongst the country’s top list of solar power
producers by having an installed generational capacity of 2000 MWp since 2019. The firm
claims to have a production capacity to 5.7 MW per day. It has its manufacturing facility in Surat.
The company has worked quite hard to make to this position surpassing several big firms
including Adani, Greenko, etc, and marked its presence in both places, within the country and
even internationally. Waaree Solar happens to have toexperience with solar thermal and on the
brighter side, EPC utility grid projects as well. It specialises in providing EPC services, project
development, rooftop solutions, solar water pumps and operates as independent power
producer as well.

Adani Group

The Adani Green Energy (ACE) is one of the largest, yet, the third largest solar power producer
in our country. It apparently, asserts 2198 megawatts (MWp) or approximately 2.2 gigawatts
(GW) of installed and operational solar capacity in its portfolio. Amongst the whole 2198 MWp
which is under operation, 2148 Mwp capacity is operated by he respective firm in partnership of
a joint venture with a French multinational energy company in a ratio of 50:50.
In the year 2019, this firm was in fact, it was concluded as the “biggest winner” by the Solar
Energy Corporation of India (SECI) for India’s largest solar tender.

Goldi Solar

Goldi Solar is one amongst the prominent manufacturers in the country having an annual
capacity of 500 MW. It aims to step-by-step level up its capacity to 1 GW. The company also has
an international presence as well as it is one amongst the leading OEM suppliers. This
Surat-based manufacturing company, undergoes its each newly produced panel undergo
several tests in order to assess its output capacity and even efficiency. They are the country’s
leading EPC service providers and even Independent Power Producer (IPP).

RenewSys Solar

Last, but not least, RenewSys Power firm has an operational solar capacity of about 750 MW.
This power is distributed for both, its rooftop installations and even utility-scale projects. It
specialises in the manufacturing of mainly encapsulants, back sheets and solar PV cells. This
company, being a made in India company, its spread across 40 countries as a whole. This
clearly signifies its remarkable presence in the whole world. It, in fact, plans to grow its yearly
encapsulant manufacturing capacity by 1.35 GW and even back sheet production by 1 GW.


In these times, where solar energy consumption is an upcoming resource, people tend to think it
through before making a crucial decision, especially, when it’s a matter of high-cost involvement.
As soon as one installs it, the commitment towards its upkeep and maintenance start and they
might be quite a task for some people. However, it is not an expensive task which one cannot
Most parts of our very own developing country suffer from electricity fluctuations. Hence, the
demand for solar energy products has been aggressively been increasing ever since.
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