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(AC Module) – Loom Solar 375 watt mono panel

Loom solar launches first time in India, Solar AC Module i.e. you can run your home appliances such as Fan, Television, Refrigerator, Air-cooler, Air Conditioner during the day directly from solar without Inverters, Batteries. The Solar AC module is designed to make every home solar powered in Metro city, big towns, Capital cities without hassles. Note: It does not work when there is a power failure.

Loom Solar 1 kw grid connected Solar AC Module

Loom solar introduces 1 kW solar power generating system using the world's latest technology in a solar panel called Solar AC Module. A 1 kW solar system generates 4 - 5 units a day from morning 9 am to 5 pm which is sufficient to run 1 Inverter AC up to 1.5 ton along with Refrigerator, Television, Fans and lights during the day from small 2-3 bhk home.   Note: It does not work when there is a power failure.

Luminous Solar PCU Hybrid TX 3.75 kVA /48 Volt True Hybrid with Grid-Export Feature


Product Descriptions

Luminous Solar true hybrid TX 3.75KVA pcu (3kw), this new pcu has power of GTI grid export, Zero-export device inbuilt, wifi smart connectivity, It can generate 15-18 Units with bifacial panel combination. you can use this power during day time and backup as night or during power outage. This smart Inverter export units via netmeter to grid and save electric bills. Power of Off-grid Power of On-grid Grid export Inbuilt Zero-export feature Inbuilt Wifi connectivity