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Luminous Solar PCU NXT + 7.5 KVA / 96 Volt Off Grid Hybrid Inverter (6KW)


Product Descriptions

7.5 kVA/96V Solar Inverter (PCU) is a powerful hybrid solar inverter with advanced mppt technology based solar charge controller, Digital display, and purely safe form short-circuits. 6 kW solar PCU is Industrial design, heavy built for running power load such as 1 Air Conditioners and lighting load such as fans, lights, computers, printers, Xerox machine used in home, office and commercial space.
  • conversion efficiency up to 97% through mppt technology
  • Connect solar panels up to 6 kW.
  • Pure Sine wave output and multiple MCBs Protection for safety to connected load.
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Luminous Solar PCU NXT 3.75 kVA /48 Volt Off-grid Hybrid Inverter (3KW Offgrid solar pcu)


Product Descriptions

Luminous Solar PCU NXT 3.75 kVA solar power conditioning unit (pcu) is one of the best solar inverter in India that has functionality to charge battery from electricity and solar both. The Inbuilt mppt controller, Industrial design, heavy duty built makes it latest technology product suitable for a home, small office and shops. it has multiple MCBs that protects connected load and intuitive LCD display makes it easy to understand inverter functionality.
  • 12 -15 units electricity generation a day
  • It supports connection of solar panels up to 3 kW.
  • suitable for home, office and shops
Download pdf-  Luminous_solar_PCU ,  Download pdf- Luminous_solar_pcu_nxt
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