Solar Energy System For Beginners

Solar Energy System For Beginners

As technology is advancing day by day, many people are getting to know about alternative sources of energy and solar energy is one of the sources of energy that is getting the attention of many and growing manifolds. Well, there is still the majority of people who don’t have any idea about solar energy systems. So, here we are to provide you with all information regarding solar energy and make you aware of what it is.

Solar energy is a source of energy that is produced using devices called solar panels that use up sunlight to produce electricity.

So solar energy is a very good solution to solve a number of our problems, it is just that people don’t know what type of solar system they should choose or which one will be best suited for them. So, let us quickly discuss solar systems, also known as solar panels or solar power systems or solar plants, which are a very effective mechanism of generating electricity using sunlight using the photovoltaic cells present on the solar panels. This mechanism consists of a few components such as solar panels, solar inverter, battery etc.

Now that we are well versed with what a solar power system is and what its work is, let us discuss the types of solar power systems, there are a few types of solar power systems, so let us discuss the first one namely solar system with battery. An On-grid solar system comes without a battery. Its main purpose is to save on your electricity bills. The inverter present in the solar system is available from a variety of companies so that one can choose from them. They can also be classified on the basis of their inverter technology, such as string inverter: it is a system in which one inverter is connected with multiple solar panels and it becomes difficult to increase the number of solar panels in case we need to due to our needs. Then comes, the micro-inverter: under this system each solar panel is connected with a separate micro-inverter which is very beneficial as it eliminates the dependence and system compatibility problem and therefore, there will be no problem in extending the number of solar panels. The next one and the last one is a hybrid inverter: it works in the same way as an on-grid and off-grid and it is not even very popular as compared to the two systems above.

Now, let us discuss the second type of system, that is, a solar power system with a battery. A solar power system with a battery is called an off-grid solar system. Therefore, in this system battery can be stored during the daytime and then the same can be utilised during the night. They can also be classified on the basis of their inverter technology, such as PWM Based solar systems: all the types of inverters of less than 1KW are PWM-based solar systems. Then comes the last one MPPT Based solar system: the solar systems ranging between 3 KW to 10 KW having inverters are called MPPT Based solar systems. This is majorly beneficial for appliances that run in our houses and helps the solar system during the day, once the battery gets fully charged.

The next one that we will be discussing is: upgrading the old inverter battery. It refers to the system with those people who already have inverters at their houses and are in good condition, that is, they don’t need to be replaced. Those people can also go for buying a solar system in such a case. Using a charge controller and an inverter, that can convert their inverter into solar.

So, as we move forward let us discuss the next one which is the home lighting system. Now, this system is only used in cases where you face a shortage of power. This eliminates the need to use candles when there is a power cut. The next one that we will be discussing is running appliances on solar panels. Under this kind of solar system, solar panels and VFD are the two major components that it covers. This type of solar system is majorly used to run water pumps or flour mills. It is effectively used to draw water from wells, pumps, ponds, canals etc.

Now the most common question that arises is what is the best inverter for your house? So, both on-grid and off-grid solar systems are popular these days and one can choose any of the two as both of them help us reduce our electricity bills and contribute to the environment in a positive way.

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