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Can we save money with solar ?

“Today’s resource for a brighter tomorrow”. This is the reality about the resources gifted to us by our mother earth to preserve and make use of judiciously. Well, did we? 

Did you know that most of the renewable resources such as wind, hydro, and biomass are acquired largely from solar energy? Solar energy is the only cheapest and most abundantly available form of energy. 

Solar energy can certainly be the perfect substitute for the exhausting fossil fuels concerning the ever-growing demands of the millennials. With context to our very own country, India, it has a bright future. Taking into consideration, the fact that India suffers an acute shortage of power supply. 

Why would one install a solar panel? 

The motive behind which one tends to install a solar panel is evidently due to the reason that, we all wish to save our funds. Money is not everything, but it is definitely something which makes you survive and live a prosperous life. Buying solar panel, might come out to be as extremely costly in the first place, however, it saves one’s monthly electricity expenses. The investment over the years pays off and starts giving indirect profits, as well as highly contributing towards the environment.

The big divide between the haves and the have-nots creates another concern regarding its affordability. However, even if the well-off section of the society puts solar energy consumption into practice, it will contribute towards the environment in numerous amounts. 

Most of the solar panels gives one an option to store electricity if there is excess of production and makes it ready-to-use in times of need while using the solar battery. A hybrid solar system gives you an option to use the power bill saving to its fullest as initially, the consumption of energy is from the solar panel. Hence, electricity from the grid is used only when the requirement arises. 

How much will one save? 

Well there’s a simple thum-rule for this, “higher the consumption, higher the saving”, this means that there will be quick saving if there will be quick consumption. The initial investment return will be as per the consumption. The highest consumption of electricity in our country is during the summer season. The electricity bills sometimes are sky-rocketing. They tend to exponentially rise every year due to less electric supply. So, for its efficient and convenient use, especially in places of frequent power-cuts, this provides to be an appropriate solution. The not-so-grim outlook of the product attracts one to buy more and more. This product is an upcoming essential product in many of the world’s developing and developed companies. For example, the Apple office in California, is one of most remarkable buildings in a ring shape thoroughly covered by solar panels. 

Survey says: Solar power has a bright future in India 

The hardest-hit section of the country due to erratic power supply is mainly in the rural areas. From a recent survey, according to 49 per cent of commercial and 45 per cent of residential respondents, solar

power’s use in day-to-day activities is highly essential. In the coming years, the rate at which fossil fuels are being depleted, it gives us no other option but look for an efficient alternative. Perhaps, our country being the developing country has many flaws of its own, one being acute power shortage. This is primarily due to uncertain coal supply. Solar being one of the most impactful and the most trendy form of renewable energy, has its reach to only a certain group of concerned consumers. The pre-requisite for solar power consumption lies in its awareness which has now become a necessity. The numerous applications and products involved are quite large and complex for an average person to grasp. 

How does this Investment Pay-Off? 

This allows one to get more of a foreseen electricity bill which tends to increase mainly due to obsolete appliances, bulbs which are not energy efficient, improper insulation and nonetheless, the evergreen carelessness of individuals. 

If solar panels are maintained properly they can be functional even for decades straight. This industry in fact, helps in creating further job opportunities from the corporates to installation sector. The main source used, that is, sunlight, is readily available and costs zero bucks. The cost of solar panels has been decreasing and will continue to decrease in the coming years as demand grows further. Moreover, depending on the place where the buyer resides in, one can be eligible to receive credits through Net Energy Metering (NEM). The NEM customers who generate their own electricity using solar energy can sell their excess electricity back to the grid. 


“Save electricity, save money and go solar” is perhaps the key mantra to be followed inn these unprecedented times of exhausting

fossil fuels and further saving it for our future generations. Few measures by which we can educate our society about this is through directing our government to create awareness amongst people and also using social media. There should be proper announcements and even tax concessions to be given by the government for the use of solar power especially, in huge institutions like school, colleges and even big offices and corporates as they have space to spare. 

Looking for the best solar panels around? 

If you’re ready to contribute for the well-being of the environment and make full use of the cleanest source of energy without your electricity getting interrupted, contact us ( for more details on solar panels and join us for solar revolution. 

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