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“Solar power is the last energy resource that isn’t owned yet – nobody taxes the sun yet.” Well, isn’t this true? In many regions across the world, solar energy is comparatively lesser expensive than conventional energy. The respective governments of multiple countries encourage people to go solar and hence provide tax rebates, state policies, and even tax concessions, making going solar a viable and affordable option for the common man. 

Ever wondered that a solar water pump can work without electricity? In this blog, we will focus on how does a solar water pump work and its advantages. A solar water pumping system is a system that runs on solar energy, instead of fossil fuels or electricity. The complete solar water pumping system may consist of either one or more than one solar panel, called solar photovoltaic modules, electronic controls, a controller device in order to operate the pump, inverters, batteries, hardware, etc. 

It can be used to uproot water from the respective ponds, rivers, or any other sources of water used to meet the basic water needs to carry out the process of irrigation, domestic use, and many other purposes. 

Need for solar powered water pumps 

There are mainly the following three factors due to which solar watered pumps are required; 

1. 100 percent grid dependency is there as pumps in these times are largely dependent on the grid. By chance, if there arises a power cut or there exists an erratic supply of electricity, all the activities which are facilitated by the electricity will forcefully come on hold. Solar gives people an option to use power anywhere and at any point of time. 

2. Using the solar batteries one is able to use solar-powered pumps literally at any point of time even when there is no daylight and can be used throughout the whole day and night continuously, differing from the conventional water pump. 

3. Perhaps the water pumps used are quite outdated and require a good amount of push to fetch out underground water for the everyday household chores.

Zero Fuel Costs 

Solar water pumps are mainly powered by solar panels. As soon as the installation process is completed, the source of energy that is to be used is fully free of cost and helps one escape the skyrocketing fossil fuel expenditures to facilitate their required activities. Going solar gives one all the more reason to take a turn from the manual irrigation techniques and gives incentives to save on the time and energy invested. 

Leeser labour and maintainence 

It provides a substantial decrease in the labor required as well as the investment of time because of the more technologically equipped irrigation method, things have become eventually simpler. It also cuts down costs on the expensive fossil fuel expenses and even transmission costs from the fossil fuel stations. While transmission, there is a certain amount of loss of the fuel transmitted, however in the case when one opts for going solar, this issue is instantly solved as the power is generated at the very place where it actually required. Going solar comes with a good amount of warranty period as well and barely requires some basic amount of service and cleanliness maintenance. 


Types of solar water pumps 

1. Submersible pumps: This type of pump is installed by digging a borewell down beneath, which might come with a cost due to its installation and maintenance. This is located at the very bottom of the ground level and is furthermore immersed underwater. 

2. DC pump: In this type of pump, no battery or inverter is required and in fact, the pump works on a motor that runs on direct current (DC). 3. Surface pumps: Installed in the locations where the depth is 10 meters at least. Also, they are comparatively easier to install and utilize. In this, the pump stays out of the water and in the open. 

3. AC pump: As the name suggests, it operates on alternating current (AC), which implies that DC gets converted to AC using the inverter. However, unfortunately, the conversion might give rise to loss of power from generation and consumption.

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