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Solar Panel Angle, The Correct Direction and Tilt Angle of Solar panels?

“Solar Panel Angle”

‘Direction is more important than speed.’ Perhaps, this holds true in the case of a solar panel installation too. The direction in which it is installed is far more important than the speed at which the sun’s energy is absorbed, and the amount of energy that is extracted too. Even if there is less sunlight in comparison to daylight, the correct direction and tilt angle of solar panel in which the solar panels are placed can make a huge difference in the process of being efficient. Taking into consideration, the efficiency of the solar panels increases only if they have consistent absorption of solar energy. Hence, direction angle plays a big role. 

The angle and the direction at which a solar module / solar plate is situated are as crucial as choosing the type of solar panel. It is believed that a solar panel absorbs the heat required the best when it is placed at a perpendicular angle. The panel’s maximum capacity comes out in this way. 

Source – The World Bank, Source: Global Solar Atlas 2.0, Solar resource data: Solargis

Solar Panel Angle , solar panel tilt
Sun angle changes over the year and years


It is a general perception in the northern hemisphere about placing the solar panels, that they are supposed to be placed in the direction of true south. Likewise, in the southern hemisphere, they are generally placed in the direction of the true north. Now, the confusing part is, what exactly is this true north or true south direction? So, let’s have a glimpse of the difference between magnetic south and true south. When a compass is used to determine the direction and the southern points are located towards the globe’s south magnetic pole, this is what magnetic south is. Therefore, accordingly in the northern hemisphere, the solar panels are placed in the direction of the north which is directed towards the globe’s south pole. There is one more thing to be kept in mind before installing the solar panels, that as we all know, the sun’s position is slightly rotating every other moment, so it is beneficial in the long run to install the solar panels in the direction of the south-west. This is due to the foreseen and yet factual rotation of the sun towards the west. This will not only help in following the sun’s direction but will also help the panels to absorb more energy later during the day as well. Higher intensity for absorption of solar energy implies higher capacity for using the desired appliances. This also infers higher battery saving capacity as well, for the electricity consumption at night and in the hour of need, it helps in making up for the loss of electricity absorption.  (7.5KVA solar inverter at best price)

Solar Panel Angle for Indian Cities 

As mentioned above, the angle of the solar panel plays a vital role and is to work out as per the geographical latitude as well. The key mantra for choosing the most appropriate angle for placing one’s solar panel is the angle at which the sun’s energy can be absorbed to the fullest throughout the year, the tilt angle in accordance with the geographical latitude, that is, equal! 

Solar panel angle by the country
Solar panel angle by the country

The main thing to be kept in mind is that it depends on how close the solar panel is situated, directly pointing towards the equator. Advisably, the panels should be tilted closer towards the equator in compliance with the panels and poles taken together. 

There are several factors that govern the angle of the solar panels and their power outputs. Some are climatic and environmental factors. Unfortunately, in the northern hemisphere, there happens immense accumulation of snow on low-tilt panels which can even lead to completely obstructing the sunlight approaching the panels in these adverse climatic conditions. According to a few sources as well, the low-tilt solar panels are even doubted to be ‘soiling’ because of dirt and debris which eventually obstructs the sun’s rays. 


Perhaps, as we have now discussed in detail about the direction in which the solar panels are to be installed, isn’t it high time to install one too? The apprehensiveness to buy any product comes mainly due to a lack of knowledge about that specific product and due to its long-term benefits too. However, by now there are many people who are aware of the same in the case of a solar panel. People now have started going solar and gaining more and more knowledge about it too. 

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