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3kw offgrid solar system, Is 3kw of Solar System Enough For a Home?

“Solar energy awareness is a thing which is highly called for in today’s world.” Don’t you think it is true? Perhaps, in today’s world where people only go for the grid electricity and have full convenience for that then why would one even consider going solar? However, in contrast, there are many individuals or organizations who are highly concerned about the environment’s well-being and opt for using solar energy. Also, some people choose solar because they wish to cut their costs on the monthly sky-rocketing electricity bills too. A solar system can help one save money exponentially. One will start noticing a big dip in their electricity bills already as soon as they install the system. In fact, a 3kw offgrid solar system or 3kw solar offgrid system may help one in eliminating all the electricity expenses as well.  Well, there is another fact added as one of the benefits of solar energy: 3kw solar system solar-equipped homes have a high property value of about more than 3-4 percent than the market price. The reason lies in the fact that the real estate agents and even the people looking for properties are quite attracted to such homes. According to a survey, the solar-equipped homes which are up for sale not only gain money equivalent to the investment made but also earn some lucrative sum too. Moreover, by installing the 3kw offgrid solar system one gets freedom from the centralized grids too. This is a matter of concern because many people rely on the grid’s erratic power supply of electricity and have to go through the times without current like everyone else has to. So, mainly going solar would give one an edge too in terms of consistent power supply. 


Reviews About 3 kw offgrid Solar Systems From The Local Dealers 

1. One expert from Ooty suggested that a solar system off-grid power of 3 kW solar system is enough for a family of 3-4 people. However, for a family of more than 3-4, approximately 5-7 kW grid power will be needed. The process goes like this, the larger the number of people, the larger will be the grid requirement. In the past year, lesser grid power requirements were required, but as soon as the concept of solar batteries and inverters came up, the grid power need also increased substantially.

2. Another expert from Leh suggested that a 3 kW solar system set-up will have the capacity to make 12-15 units of current each day which will only last up to 5-10 hours to its maximum. Well, the harsh reality faced by solar energy is that no matter what, the bright sun rays (not the daylight) will be seen for only approximately 300 days a year. So, if we try and estimate, the average output will only be 3600 units in a year. One more constraint which should be in the eyes of the customer is that the overall space requirement for a 3 kW installation set up is at least 300 square feet. 

Home Load Calculation for 3 Kw solar offgrid system

3 Kw solar offgrid system can run these house hold items


What can a 3kw solar system run ? The average electricity load in every household is somewhere near 300W at almost all times. Perhaps, on the other hand. The highest amount of electricity load which an average household can take up is approximately 2200W- 2500W at a time. The fact to be taken into consideration is a solar-equipped homeowner cannot run all the types of loads at the same point in time. However, if one ends up installing a 3 kW solar system, then they can definitely run up to 2.5 kW load at that very moment in time. 

One more thing which is to be made a note of is that, it is preferably better to place your solar panels facing the south direction. As in this direction, the panel can receive the maximum amount of sunlight. 

3 Kw Offgrid solar system


So, the fact of the matter is, no matter how hard we try to save electricity, the electricity wants of the millennials have turned to their electricity needs and certainly, there’s no way of going back from that. Hence, they have to be substituted for the grid electricity to be installed and put in use too. Solar energy happens to be the most feasible form of substitute for non-renewable grid electricity. Also, the apprehension of the customers towards going solar is largely dependent on the basis of the costs involved and the amount of space they take up, hence a lot of awareness needs to be spread regarding the same too.



Looking for the best solar panels around? 

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