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By Akriti Kumar

“Solar farming means indirectly harvesting the sunlight at a large pace.” Don’t you think this is true? A solar farm is nothing but a set of large solar installations, which are also commonly known as ‘solar parks’. The solar systems are set up across huge ground-like open areas and look quite similar to natural gas power plants with numerous ground-mount solar tracking towers. However, they cannot be compared to the solar systems which are set up in residential areas and in other places where solar energy is used as they provide solar power output to utilities rather than local grids. The average size of solar plants available in this type of utility-scale solar farm varies somewhere between 10 MW to sometimes more than 200 MW.

Clearly, by the word ‘farm’, anybody would comprehend that it is supposedly a large area of land from which, the first thing which comes to our mind is some typical village area or some sort of rural area. So, in this blog, as we are focusing on solar farms, hence it is important to know that they are developed only in rural areas. Also, in order to get sanction for the development of a solar farm in any such type of area, the government’s sanction is needed. Needless to mention, this is applicable for the planning of the eligibility of the site, appropriate renewable energy which will be earmarked, and its influence on the society as well. 

If we look at the factual perspective on the output generated by installing a solar farm and we try and calculate according to every acre, averagely a solar farm has the potential to produce 1 GWh of electricity per year on 2.8 acres of land. So now, let’s throw a glimpse at the benefits of installing a solar farm in the following points: 


1. Land 

The area of land where the solar farms are developed, in that place the literal meaning does not imply to be that the solar systems are altogether clogged. But, instead, the meaning behind this is that there is some space between each solar panel set-up and which can be used as providing to be a better habitat for wildlife and plants. The grassland in between the solar panels installed can be maintained with hedges. On the other hand, there

is another advantage of using this land, which is for animal grazing, and the land, even in the ground under the panels is also feasible. 

2. Investment 

If we look at the investment point of view of the solar farms, then it certainly has to be noted that it is one of the most workable and viable investments to be made as it will directly cut down on the electricity bills, the upkeep expenses, and consoling guaranteed income. In some scenarios, solar feed-in-tariffs are pertinent too. Perhaps, in recent times, there have been considerable amounts of technological advancements in the solar power sector. These advancements have made sure that there have been financial incentives given for the solar power consumers of electricity and which further reduce the huge expenses involved in installing solar panels in the solar farms as well. 

3. Their set-ups 

The inverters of the solar farms are placed in sound-proofing boxing thereby there is no noise origination from the solar farms. The constituents of the solar farms too barely have any moving parts. Also, as the solar farms are not at all or the least harmful for the local environment around their set-up area, they can be built very close to the load centers. This not only makes the channeling issues come down but simultaneously works more on the efficiency provided by the solar panels by lowering down-the-line losses. In fact, the farms are usually built with cameras and security fences to safeguard the panels. 


Well, as only highly concerned people for the environment’s well-being go for a renewable source of energy to produce electricity, we urge the government to create awareness amongst the masses regarding the benefits of using solar energy on a large scale. This emphasis should especially reach the ones who need to realize the worth of fossil fuels before they start getting exhausted. Solar farms assist in the lowering down of carbon emissions which further become the reason for global warming. 

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